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The Little Story of Little France Bakery

Little France Bakery's Team

The Story of Little France Bakery starts with the departure for the United States of four French friends: Betty, Christophe, Sabine and Lionel. Each bringing specific qualities to this business, they decided to create the Little France Bakery team to live the American Dream in Mission Viejo !
Their goal is simple: To offer you the best tasting experience of French pastries and specialties.
Meet the team !

Betty & Christophe

Betty and Christophe are married and they are the cornerstone of Little France Bakery. Christophe is a pastry chef with almost 20 years of experience and he is above-all a passionate about this job. Overflowing with creativity and always demanding more from himself, he is meticulous, fastidious and a perfectionist. Christophe has only one goal, creating the best for the customers of Little France Bakery. Betty will welcome you and advise you for the best tasting experience at Little France Bakery !


Lionel has a promising future among the best pastry chefs. Since young age, he has been passionate about the pastry business and his work has been rewarded by a special distinction and the prize of the best apprentice in France.
“I was born in Alsace (France) but I grew up in Cognac, this is where my passion for pastries and desserts started. My parents used to have a pastry shop there and my dad is an awesome chef too. He made over 25 competitions in his career and has his reputation, it was an obligation for me to not disappoint him or Mom. So I decided to do competitions too and I proved my country what I was able to do by winning national competitions, tv shows, newspapers, meeting with the French president and more…
All this experience help me to try new adventures in a country that I love, USA !
I’ve been a chocolate production manager in Las Vegas for years and I have the opportunity to open a French coffee and bakery shop with my friends, I hope that each and every one of you will be able to discover a little part of France through our menu.”

Baked to be Shared...

At Little France Bakery, we are proud of our origins and we want to share our love for French pastry with the American people. We are committed to providing you with the best service and a unique tasting experience through our specialties, our French pastries and our culinary preparations.
To achieve this level of excellence, we use only quality ingredients and unique recipes developed over our 20 years of bakery experience.
We hope to see you soon !
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